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Enterprise execution is broken

Despite best practices and advanced tools, two-thirds of initiatives fail. Failures can be over budget, late delivery, or missed organizational goals. These failures suffer from the same preventable root causes: lacked alignment from the people involved, delayed identification of issues that took the initiative off-track, and repeated past mistakes.
Delayed programs due to rework, restarts, and escalations
Cost overruns on critical projects
Ineffective product rollouts due to missed expectations

AI-driven Insights Engine

By applying purpose-built models to your live data, Axiamatic proactively identifies issues that are bubbling up, pinpoints root causes, and recommends actions to accelerate initiative success
Turn disparate data into specific, actionable insights.

Purpose-built models generate insights that are contextual, stakeholder-specific, scored, and characterized by attributes like criticality and breadth of impact.
Don’t let limited or biased data lead you astray.

Insights are validated by checking in with relevant stakeholders through an automated, engaging, quick, and highly targeted chatbot style conversation.
Receive actionable recommendations to drive your initiative to success.

Axiamatic repeats the process in an automated loop of continuous improvement with measurably improved stakeholder alignment and initiative outcomes.

Enterprise-grade platform
with consumer-like simplicity

Axiamatic is built from first principles to streamline initiative execution. It harnesses GenAI, NLP, and ML to turn live data into decision-making insights
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Accurate and timely insights

  • Initiative-specific models identify leading indicators of success and failure conditions
  • Models learn from live data and know when to get human validation
  • Replace weeks of waiting before a problem surfaces with notifications and proactive action

Fast time to value

  • Set up a new initiative in only a few minutes of conversation with an AI agent
  • No learning curve and quick stakeholder responses directly within their Slack, Teams, or WebEx DMs
  • Replace meetings, and escalations with early actionable insights and proactive action

AI without compromising Safety

  • Axiamatic is used in F500 finance, healthcare, pharma, and manufacturing companies
  • Deep protection of data security & privacy, with built in data de-identification and anonymization
  • Only utilizes data relevant to an initiative and readily available to initiative owner

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