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New Product Introduction

Evaluate new products and tools that work well for employees and the organization.

Product Adoption

Understand challenges employees have and get buy-in to improve product adoption.

Initiative Execution

Engage internal customers to find and address issues that create delays and slow down your organization.

Understand the challenges internal customers face

Get deep insights on key initiatives from internal customers across your enterprise. Proactively identify misalignment between teams and use data to make decisions that impact your organization.

Take proactive actions

Leverage AI to sift through insights from internal customers and identify solutions. Effectively engage internal customers with insightful reports and address the root causes of their issues.

Establish a continuous improvement loop

Adapt as new issues pop up with AI that monitors key programs and internal customers. Replace anecdotes and quarterly surveys with automated real time insights.

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For Security

"74% of employees would be willing to bypass cybersecurity guidance if it helped them or their team achieve a business objective" - Gartner, 2023

Make the secure way the easiest way for internal customers. Use Axiamatic for security products like Wiz, PANW, ZScaler, and more.

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For IT

"68% of CEOs agree that uncertainty around GenAI makes it challenging to move quickly in developing and implementing AI Strategy."

See how to bring a structured approach to evaluating and deploying GenAI including tools like M365 Copilot, CodeWhisper, Github Copilot and more.

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Our story

Rajiv Gupta, CEO, and Kaushik Narayan, CTO are the co-founders of Axiamatic.

Their previous startup together, Skyhigh Networks, helped pioneer the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) category, which per Gartner is the fastest growing security category. The startups they co-founded were acquired by, and still today are key offerings from, Oracle, Cisco, and McAfee. Prior to that Rajiv led the E-speak/E-services effort at HP and is considered to be a father of web services. Between them, Kaushik and Rajiv hold more than 60 patents.

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"Successful relationships with your vendors can transform your business. What matters is delivering value beyond what is in your contracts. The data and insights with Axiamatic scorecards enable you to achieve that goal."

David Johnson

Head of Supplier Management, Fortune 500 Company

The place for all your vendors

Axiamatic can be used for any vendor, including SaaS, Cloud, On Premise, and more. With many organizations already using Axiamatic and contributing numerous best practice templates it’s fast and easy to get started.